Who I Am and What I Do


I became interested in Reiki after reading about it in the book "The Trauma Toolkit: Healing PTSD from the Inside Out." At the time I had been through a near death experience and was working in a mental health setting with folks who had experienced trauma. I saw the effects of the heavy medications on these folks and thought there had to be a better way. I also recognized the ways in which my own trauma was having an impact on my life. I saw a small paragraph in "The Trauma Toolkit" about Reiki and my interest was piqued.

I tried Reiki a few weeks later, had a positive experience, and went back for more sessions with a woman who eventually became my Reiki Master Teacher.

Along the way I have shed depression, anxiety, worry, tons of stress, and a job I absolutely hated. That's not to say I don't experience moments of stress but I am often told I have a calm and happy demeanor. What a compliment for someone who was once told they were "dark"/ morbid and "toxic."

For me Reiki was a way to get in touch with my soul and become more self-aware. I overcame depression and started the journey of loving myself. Before Reiki I never considered myself a spiritual person but slowly I began my spiritual path. Certain book titles or YouTube videos began popping into my awareness. I attended spiritual or self-development workshops. It's been an amazing ride. My first Reiki Master Teacher told me that she saw her life as "Before Reiki" and "After Reiki." That has been my experience as well. Reiki basically changed my life and I am enthusiastic to share its healing and awakening powers with others.


Along the way I have incorporated other self-care practices in my routine and feel as if my life is lead from an ethos of filling my own cup first in order to better hold space for others. I truly believe in leading a life by design vs by default. Asking myself what is important to me, what I value, and how I want to feel has been instrumental in shaping my lifestyle.

Reiki helped me to tune into the power within myself, the power that we all have to make the shifts necessary to live the lives that fill us with joy and fulfillment. I am grateful and happy to assist others along their journey. I absolutely love providing others with Reiki and facilitating  Coaching sessions. 


I have been a practicing Reiki practitioner since August 2015. In addition to providing Reiki to clients at my home, I have provided Reiki at events in the Chicago area, in a wellness center, and as trauma therapist at a rape crisis center.  My desire to provide coaching sessions center on pleasure as a self care practice came from my experience working in a rape crisis center and my own journey with Divine Feminine energy.

From the heart,
Courtney Cobbs, MSW, Reiki Master Teacher, and Manifestation Coach