Coaching Services

Manifestation Coaching

 I believe that we're all God. I believe we're here to have fun, share what's in our hearts, BE love, and like abundantly; essentially create Heaven on Earth. I am so proud of you for deciding to strengthen your belief in yourself! I view coaching sessions as an opportunity to remind you of who you are and find opportunities for expansion. One of my clients remarked that I have a special gift for helping people expand their ideas of what’s possible for them. I absolutely love being a cheerleader of sorts for my clients. I remind you that you’re the God of your reality and assist you with bringing your specific dream to life.

I am a student of Neville Goddard and his teachings provide the foundation for my work with clients.



What to Expect:
In our time together I’ll gently point out your limiting beliefs and guide you to a more expansive vision for your life. I will provide you with foundational knowledge that will assist you manifesting your desires.  Once you learn the fundamentals, you can manifest anything you want.

I offer 1:1 video coaching, email coaching, and coaching via direct message on Instagram. Should you choose video coaching, I will share the audio with you so that you're able to listen again as many times as you'd like.

I’m so excited to work with you!

   Pleasure Coaching: Pleasure as Self-Care

Pleasure (noun): A feeling of happy satisfaction or enjoyment
Synonyms I love: delight, joy, glee
Activities that give me pleasure: hula hooping, dancing, petting my cats, lounging in a robe, slowly drinking a fruit smoothie, being out in nature, coloring, singing, bike rides along the lakefront, and so much more!


Around two years ago I began a CONSCIOUS pleasure journey. I started investing my time and energy into cultivating pleasurable self-care practices and saying "yes" more often to activities/events/people/etc that brought me pleasure or inspired me. I stopped operating from a place of “I should” and began choosing from a place of, “I’d really like to”. Imagine what life could look like for you if you started to choose the things you invest your time and energy into from a place of pleasure or self-satisfaction to put it more plainly.

I have worked in the mental health field for close to 4.5 years. Self-Care has been something I have excelled at and many of my colleagues have sought me out for advice on how to improve their self-care. I share some of my life on Instagram and some of the people who followed me have shared my page has inspired them in some way. I have worked with survivors of sexual abuse/ sexual violence for close to 3 years and along the way I have assisted clients in creating a self-care practice and dismantling limiting beliefs that get in the way of taking care of themselves. I have also assisted clients with creating or strengthening their boundaries around their their time, money, and energy.

In September of 2018 I lead a small workshop with the Black Girl in Om Community about intentional pleasure. I am looking to expand my workshop offerings in 2019.

I decided to offer Pleasure Coaching from a place of pleasure and purpose. I truly believe part of my purpose here on Earth is to assist women with taking better care of themselves, nurturing the Goddess within, and leading lives that feel like they’ve been consciously created to bring out the best in them!





This service is for you if

  • You’re looking to create a self-care plan or modify your current one.

  • You would like to give to yourself, your loved ones, and the world from a full cup.

  • You would love to care of your own needs first

  • You want to figure out where the energy leaks in your day/week are

  • You want to connect more deeply with your body

  • You want to experience more fun in your life!

  • You want to figure out your unique expression of sensuality.

  • You want to dismantle limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your self-care and pleasure such as "This is wrong" or "I don't deserve this."