Frequently Asked Questions


Reiki is known to provide the following benefits:
-Reduction in stress
-Spiritual Growth
-Decrease in depression symptoms
-Reduction in PTSD symptoms
-Feeling "at peace" / decrease in "anxiety"
-Less chronic pain
-Calmer and more peaceful state of being
-Shorter recovery times from medical procedures, including chemotherapy and radiation (Many hospitals in the United States offer Reiki to their patients.)
-Relief from migraines and headaches
-A great night's sleep


I have been a practicing Reiki practitioner since August 2015. In addition to providing Reiki to clients at my home, I have provided Reiki at events in the Chicago area, in a wellness center, and through my work as trauma therapist at a rape crisis center. 


Reiki is a Japanese words that means: Spiritually-Guided Life Force Energy. Reiki energy is spiritually guided life force energy from a Higher Intelligence. Reiki energy exists for healing and self-healing. Reiki practitioners have the ability to transfer Reiki energy to clients. Reiki has an intelligence all of its own. I am simply a channel or vessel for it to flow through.

During your session you will lie fully clothed on a massage table. You decide if you want to lie on your back or stomach.
I will place my hands on you at agreed upon areas. I typically touch the head, shoulders, arms, knees, and feet. Other areas of the body such as the stomach and throat are hovered over.

If you are not comfortable with touch I will hover my hands over your body. I am respectful of any and all requests to not touch you at all or on certain body parts. Your comfort is of the utmost importance.


First-time clients feels very relaxed and sometimes fall asleep during the session. Many clients report they feel lighter and sleep amazingly well.

During the session you may feel a cooling sensation or heat radiating from my hands. Some clients report feeling "energy" coursing through their body. I compare it to that feeling when your foot has been asleep and you feel that rush of energy racing when you begin to move your feet again. Some people experience visions.

Every experience is unique.The only way to really know how it will feel is to experience it. What are you waiting for?


Since Reiki is guided by a Higher Power, the Reiki energy will know the condition of the client or student and adjust appropriately. Reiki can only do good.
Many pregnant people have received treatments with great benefit to them and their unborn child. Reiki has also been used during child birth. Pregnant individuals have also received the Reiki attunement with beneficial results.


A Reiki attunement is the process by which a person receives the ability to channel Reiki treatments. The attunement is administered by the Reiki Master Teacher during the Reiki class. During the attunement, the Reiki Master Teacher will touch the students head, shoulders, and hands and use one or more special breathing techniques. The attunement energies will flow through the Reiki Master and into the student.

During the attunement, some students feel warmth in the hands, others may see colors or have visions of loved ones. Most simply feel more relaxed and that something has shifted within them.

By receiving a Reiki Level attunement you gain the ability to channel Reiki energy. With each attunement you increase the amount of Reiki energy you can channel.

My Reiki journey involved 4 levels of Reiki and I continue the same set-up with my students.

Level I is where you learn to give Reiki to yourself. The focus is on healing yourself or connecting more deeply to your soul/spirit.

With a Level II attunement you can channel even more energy. You also gain the education and skills to begin offering Reiki sessions to others, be they family members or members of the public.

At the Master Level of Reiki you are signaling to the universe that you have mastered healing yourself and others and that you're ready to handle even more energy. This doesn't mean you're completely done with healing yourself or becoming a better version but that you have demonstrated significant evolution through Reiki.

The Reiki Master Teacher attunement and ceremony is an increased level of commitment. You are saying you feel confident enough to train the next generation of Reiki practitioners.

I do not take attunements lightly and require an interview for Level II, Reiki Master, and Reiki Master Teacher classes.

I highly encourage those in a caregiving role, be you a parent, nurse, counselor, massage therapist, etc consider receiving an attunement. Reiki is an excellent tool for self-care.


A Reiki Level I class with me lasts approximately 4 hours, depending on the size of the class and the level/quality of discussion that comes with all of the students. I typically limit the size of my classes to 6-8 people max.

I generally ask my Reiki Level I students to wait 2-3 months to receive their Reiki Level II attunement. A Reiki Level II class lasts between 4-5 hours. I allow time for students to practice on one another and go over some of the necessary or recommended steps of offering Reiki to the public. Again, this class is limited to 6-8 people.

A Reiki Level III class is pretty brief. This requires a 2-3 hour investment on your end. 

Individual attunements can also be arranged if you prefer a one-on-one experience.

I provided ongoing support for students up to 3-4 months after their attunement. This doesn't mean once the year is up you can't email me questions you may have. It will mean that I will often ask you to tune into your own guidance for the answers or encourage you to do your own research.

All of my students are added to a Dropbox folder that corresponds to their attunement level. I update these folders fairly regularly.