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Check back often to see when Reiki Level I, II, Reiki Master, and Reiki Master Teacher classes are happening.


Reiki Attunements are classes in which individuals become attuned or tuned into Reiki energy. I liken it to turning a radio dial to a certain station. By receiving a Reiki Level attunement you gain the ability to channel Reiki energy. With each attunement you gain the ability to channel even higher levels of Reiki energy.

For example, with a Level I attunement you can channel x amount of energy. In my experience a Level I Attunement tends to address more physical issues.

With a Level II attunement you can channel even more energy. A Level II attunement also works more on your "emotional body" or your emotions. With my own Level II attunement (and continued commitment to give myself Reiki on a regular basis) I noticed that events or people that previously upset me didn't bother me as much or as all. I was able to "bounce back" more quickly and I no longer felt depressed.

At the Master Level of Reiki you are signaling to the universe that you have mastered healing yourself and others and that you're ready to handle even more energy. The Reiki Master Teacher attunement and ceremony is an increased level of commitment. You are saying you feel confident enough to train the next generation of Reiki practitioners.

I do not take attunements lightly and require an interview for Level II, Reiki Master, and Reiki Master Teacher classes.

REIKI LEVEL I for Mental Health Professionals

Saturday August 26th: 11am-5pm

In this workshop you will learn one of the simplest yet powerful forms of hands on healing. Reiki [pronounced Ray-key] is a Japanese form of stress reduction that utilizes Universal Life Force Energy to bring the body into a state of balance and harmony.

The day will be dedicated to learning the traditional and non-traditional uses of Reiki, Reiki history, Chakra basics, how to perform a self-healing and sessions on another. You will be “attuned” to this energy and upon completing this workshop you will receive a certificate qualifying you as an Independent Reiki I Practitioner.



Please note that by participating in this workshop, you are also committing to a self-reiki practice for a minimum of 21 days. During that time, you will also experience a spiritual cleanse.

Cost: $111
Duration: Close to 6 hours

Number of participants will be kept low to ensure an intimate environment and opportunity to allow for questions and discussion.

Location: East Rogers Park. The exact location will be shared with you closer to the date.