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How I Consciously Used Law of Attraction to Enhance my 2017

If you have made it to this post you probably know a bit about the law of attraction. If you don’t know about the law of attraction here is a short summary of MY understanding and MY experience of it. [If you already have an understanding of it feel free to skip this paragraph.] The law of attraction is a universal principle which asserts that our thoughts and our personal vibration determines the reality we live. For example: There are two people searching for jobs. Person A has a negative outlook:” I don’t know why I waste my time every day applying for jobs. I know none of these places are calling me back. It’s hopeless.” Due to these thoughts and emotions person A’s job search takes much longer. Person B has a more optimistic outlook: “I am so grateful the universe/God/my Higher Self is bringing to me jobs I will enjoy. I look forward to sharing my experiences and skills with prospective employers. I know I will find the right job for me.” Your beliefs, emotions, everyday actions, etc have an impact on your personal vibration. It’s not as easy and as simple as repeating affirmations. You have to TRULY believe in yourself and line up energetically with your desires. My introduction to the law of attraction began with a friend posting an Abraham Hicks video on her Facebook. Towards the end of 2016 I started to listen to Abraham Hicks to uplift my mood and get inspired about my desires.

At the beginning of this year I had two major agenda items: travel more and move into a new apartment. I listened to countless spiritual and numerology videos informing us of the heightened importance and manifesting potential of the year 2017.

I wrote a list of places I’d love to visit this year. I also wrote that I was open to traveling to other places aside from those on my list. I watched this video about 10 times to hype myself up. The first trip I had this year was to a Nude Yoga Retreat in Puerto Rico. I had an absolutely amazing time! I saw tons of rainbows, absolutely loved the warm weather and the beach, met some amazing people, ate delicious food, felt the support of the universe in my being there, and fell in love with not wearing clothes! The second trip was to visit my blood family in Arkansas. I enjoyed spending time with my mom, seeing family,, and enjoying the hot summer weather a Southern summer brings. My third trip was to Los Angeles. Oh Los Angeles. I could write a blog post on that trip alone! Let’s just say I had an AMAZING time and felt so much Divine love while I was there. I have another trip planned for the end of the year and can’t wait for the new portals it will open up. In addition to traveling more, I moved into my dream apartment. At the beginning of 2017 I wrote in my journal that I wanted an apartment: close to the lake (most desired: a lake view), close to the Red Line, close to numerous bus lines, and close to my 9 to 5. I also wanted an apartment in a with plenty of sunshine for houseplants and a larger kitchen to cook healthy meals in.I even envisioned a beautiful courtyard. I told my friends about this dream apartment I was readying myself for and mentioned the previously mentioned qualities. I even talked to my cat, Arima, about it; getting her excited for more room to play around and stretch out. I day dreamed about the apartment, read over my list a few times a month, and talked about my dream apartment as if I already had it. I started looking for apartments on websites and apps, trying to get an idea of what was available within my price range and in my desired area. I started listing my current apartment (at the time) on Craigslist and was flooded with interest. My landlords took notice of the people coming in to view the apartment and joked that I should write their ads. One day my intuition told me to get on Craigslist and search for apartments. I was lead to a photo of a parking lot with the view of Lake Michigan to the east of the parking lot. I couldn’t believe my eyes and immediately emailed to set up an appointment. As you can probably tell from this post and if you’ve looked around at my photos, I was able to manifest my dream apartment. For the first few months I woke up every day pinching myself wondering how I was so lucky. I beam with joy every time I look out at the lake and when I can hear the waves of Lake Michigan crash. One of my favorite things to hear from friends and clients when they visit is, "Wow! Your apartment is so peaceful." I credit the houseplants, my crystals, and living so close to the lake.

Arima in the kitchen window, lake to the east and sunshine aplenty

^^Funny story about this image: The day I took this photo I had logged on to my Facebook to see that 2 years earlier I had taken a photo of Arima in the windowsill of our former home. I had written, "Arima and I don't have that lake view but it's coming." 2 years later we now have that lake view! I don’t say this to brag but to inspire you to dream a bit bigger for your life. There are so many spiritual lessons contained in this post but I’d like to leave you with 3: 1. The words you speak hold meaning and power. Speak only what you want to manifest into your universe. As you speak about what it is you desire as if you already have it. For example: A desire from a place of lack: I want a better apartment. The one I have sucks. I want an apartment with a nice kitchen, good sunlight, and with nice neighbors. A desire from a place of hope: I hope to manifest an apartment with a nice kitchen, good sunlight, and room for an art studio. A desire from a place of knowing: I have a beautiful apartment that is full of sunlight and has room for friends to come over. I am so glad this apartment has a beautiful space for me to see Reiki clients. 2. The universe is constantly working in your favor. 3. You can either be your biggest cheerleader or your biggest critic. I think you know which one yields the best results for you and your growth. I want to thank Abraham and Esther Hicks, Ralph Smart, Erica Rock, and for inspiring so many with their uplifting words and assisting humanity with rembering our Divine origins.

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