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Chicago Reiki Classes: Fall/Winter 2017

I completed my Reiki Master Teacher training in August 2016 and have since attuned a little over 10 individuals. I am grateful for the ability to help welcome more souls into the Reiki family.

The day before my own Reiki Level I attunement my hands and feet were buzzing. I knew my body and soul were aware of the step I was taking the following day. My Reiki Level I teacher, Tracey Ostrand, shared that she sees her life in terms of “Before Reiki” and “After Reiki.” I now see my life in the same way.

Before Reiki I was depressed, suicidal, and believed I had to work really hard to have “good” things in my life. After Reiki came into my life I am no longer depressed, I am able to see the gift in every experience, and I feel supported by the universe. I often have people tell me that I seem at peace and I radiate warmth. This is such a compliment considering during my Senior year of high school some of the folks I hung out with told me I was “dark” and “morbid.” I was constantly complaining and always had to point out the negative in a situation. When you’re connected to your soul life just flows differently. It is not to say that life is perfect and you don’t encounter any challenges but the way in which you handle those challenges and how they effect you are different. Your whole day is no longer "ruined" by a minor inconvenience.

I noticed during my Reiki Level I journey I experienced less pain from fibromyalgia, it was easier for me to fall asleep, my mood improved, challenges didn’t upset me as much, and I started discovering all these spiritual self-help books that really resonated with me. I look back on my diaries from that time and compare them to now and it’s so cool to see my growth. It's my hope you can grow in similar ways.

I am offering two Reiki classes this Fall/Winter.

Reiki Level I will be held Sunday November 5th from 11am-5pm

Reiki Level II will be held Sunday December 10th from 11am-5pm

What can you expect?

I keep my Reiki classes small in order to offer personalized attention and so I can get to know my students a bit more. We start the class learning about Reiki and what it “does”, Reiki Principles, the history of Reiki, and what you can expect at your particular level of attunement. Following that I explain what will occur during the attunement and begin the attunement ceremony. After the attunement ceremony I ask students if they’d like to share what the attunement process was like for them. Some students report seeing loved ones (human and non-human) who have passed on, feelings of peace or happiness, seeing a future version of themselves, or feeling sensations in their body. There’s no wrong answer or experience.

After the attunement we break for lunch. I then discuss the 21 day cleanse and the 7 major chakra centers in the body. Once students have an understanding of the chakras I give you time to practice Reiki on yourself and time to practice on each other. You can choose to not practice on another person. After this I answer any questions that have resulted from practice and then present you with your certificate. The beauty of Reiki is that after you receive your attunement you have a LIFELONG connection to Reiki energy. If you’ve been feeling “called” to “do something” to improve the state of the world, perhaps this class is for you. I used to think “changing the world” meant I needed to out and DO DO DO DO but I’ve since learned that one of the best things you can do to make the world a better place is to work on yourself. Allow Reiki to be one step on your path towards improving I would love to have you join my Reiki class.

Registration is limited to 5 individuals so act fast.

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