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The word that came to me while becoming excited by a new blog post was Authenticity. We work jobs we don’t particularly love, spend time with people who have different values than we do but we feel some sort of strange loyalty to, and envy those who we feel have what we don’t. I have discovered that those we perceive as having something we don’t more than likely obtained the very thing we want by being themselves. When you’re authentic more blessings flow into your life because you’re being exactly who you were created to be. We were created to be creative, loving, compassionate, generous, abundant, and full of life. When you constantly dim your light for whatever reasons there’s less of a pathway for blessings to flow to you. I write in in an effort to share my truth at this time.

At the beginning of the year I spent time feeding myself inspirational content, mainly Law of Attraction videos. This video (among a few others) assisted me with believing I could travel more in 2017.

I love to travel. I constantly told myself I couldn’t travel because of my debt and travel is expensive. Last year I barely traveled outside of Chicago. This year I have visited Puerto Rico, Little Rock to visit family, and Los Angeles. There were also a few train and road trips to Indiana. The debt is still there and there’s also been an increase in my business, my confidence, beautiful memories, and the feeling that I am living life on purpose. Our dreams and our desires are not by accident. We are not living on this planet at this time by accident. In April I was browsing Facebook and came across an event page for a nude yoga retreat. I felt such excitement in my body and immediately bought my plane tickets to go. I will admit I can be impulsive but I don’t regret this decision one bit. I saw Puerto Rico for the first time and enjoyed all the sunshine and natural beauty. I connected with some beautiful souls and discovered more about myself.

In June about two weeks after my birthday I came across an Instagram post by Tiffany Gouche’s manager.

I had been listening to this video just about every other day/every 2-3 days and this trip to Los Angeles felt in alignment with life feeling like a vacation.

I absolutely love Soulection,Tiffany Gouche, Sabrina Claudio, ESTA, Sasha Marie, and IamNobodi. I had been wanting to visit Los Angeles for some time and figured this was a perfect reason to visit. I had an incredible time and felt like I was being given a huge hug from the universe. I was blessed to have two lovely hosts, meet some beautiful souls I have connected with via social media, visit the ocean multiple times, listen and dance to some amazing music, eat yummy food, not experience a lot of traffic (!), and come home with some new plant babies!

In a few hours I’ll be traveling to Costa Rica. I am so excited! Costa Rica was my first trip outside the United States. I loved the natural beauty, the friendless of the people, the weather, the peaceful vibe, and the delicious fruit, among many other things to love about Costa Rica. Like a lot of people I wanted to move to Costa Rica after visiting. I now know that I am meant to live in a warm tropical environment. I feel so vibrant in warm weather and sunshine. I look forward to all this trip will spark in me. I am already lit knowing that I am going on this wonderful adventure!

I share to light a spark in you. Perhaps this post has you thinking about all the places you want to visit and all the dreams you’re waiting to actualize. What came up for you while reading this? Wanna Start 2018 With a Bang? 2018 on a numerological level will be a year of relationships, cooperation, collaboration, and partnership. I kept mentioning to my friends that I was considering making my trip to Miami in January a mini-retreat. A few friends encouraged me to do just that. I decided to take radical action and turn my trip to Miami into an opportunity to meet like-minded goddesses. Here’s a bit about me you need to know if you’re considering coming on this adventure: I love to dance. I love to sing. I love a good turn-up. I love time for writing and contemplation. I love restorative yoga. I love Reiki and other forms of energy work. I enjoy smoking weed. I love nature. I love yummy vegan and vegetarian food. I love speaking life into people ie life coaching. I believe we’re here on Earth to have fun. I believe we’re here on Earth to have all our needs and desires fulfilled. I believe everyone has something special to add to this beautiful mix of life. We have a beautiful energy gateway opening up at the top of the year. On 1/11 we will be a gateway for us to focus our intentions and put thought into action. This day is a launching pad and a conduit to manifesting whatever is in our hearts and in alignment with our highest and greatest good. I believe some of our best manifesting can happen in community. Sharing your desires with others who will support you and hold the vision with you is powerful. Why not say yes to your dreams by signing up to attend Abundant G0ddess Gathering: January 10th, 2018- January 15, 2018 happening in Miami, FL. Your payment covers your housing, food costs (breakfast and lunch), and transportation (to and from the nude beach, grocery store, etc). We will spend every sunny day we're in Miami at their world-famous nude beach. We will dance in the sun and water while nourishing ourselves with yummy vegetarian and vegan food. Email me if you’re interested! I’ll have a payment link posted once I come back from Costa Rica. FYI: Deposit for housing is due by December 22nd.

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