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New Moon in Aquarius 2019: Your Authenticity is Medicine for the Collective

Greetings lightbeams!

Last night I was struck by this tweet that stated, “Your Soul is pushing you to Greatness, as your Higher Self already knows How Great you Truly are & this is why on a 3D Level, there's so much discontentment.” Wow!! Anyone else feeling a sense of discontent in some area of their life?

This Full Moon in Aquarius is an opportunity to dig deeper into our Divine mission, the reason why we're here. It's an opportunity to tap into our Inner Genius and share our unique perspective to bring healing to ourselves and the collective. There is so much power in being yourself. I've seen this in action in my own life. I've recently began roller skating along the lakefront path and I've received so many things up from folks as I skate. I've also seen little kids peeking out of their strollers and smiling at me as I roll by. Children have such a radar for purity and authentic expression. While the adults giving thumbs up is great, even without their “approval” I'd still continue to pursue what makes me happy and excites me.

This Full Moon in Aquarius also forced me to look at the ways in which I am not fully going all out for my business in the ways I set out to do some weeks ago. I got really clear on what it is I want to offer to the world which provided the confidence to clarify my vision and the way in which I communicate my vision. What dream of yours lights you up? What's something you've been afraid to do for fear of what others may think? Aquarius rules eccentric living and unconventional perspectives. How can you stretch yourself a bit more and bring the authentic you to the forefront?

As always I'm here holding loving space for you to step a bit higher into your purpose. Reiki Is a great way to allow old beliefs about yourself and what’s possible for your life to fall away and to allow higher possibilities to pour in. I was recently asked to give a brief description of Reiki. I summed Reiki up as an energy healing technique that allows people to tap into the most brilliant version of themselves and clear away the mind chatter,limiting beliefs, and traumatic imprints that get in the way of being our best versions.

In addition to Reiki I offer self care coaching in which we work 1:1 to dismantle limiting beliefs, identity current energy leaks and where stronger boundaries could be useful, and create nourishing routines to help you like a life by design.

If there's an area of your life you think Reiki, self care coaching, or a brief chat with me can provide a positive shift, please don't hesitate to reach out.

In love,


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