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Discovering Neville Goddard

Hello Dear Reader! Thank you for being here! I look forward to sharing more regular content. Let’s dive in! My name is Courtney. I live in Chicago, IL and I am a multi-passionate creative. This is a cute way of saying I have lots of interests. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, a Manifestation Coach, Sustainable Transportation Visionary, and a lover of dance! I like to share my Reiki Master Teacher “title” first because Reiki introduced me to who I am on a soul level. Everyone’s journey to waking up to their God self is different. Perhaps for you it was yoga, meditation, sound healing, dance, painting, etc. I credit Reiki with awakening my belief in God and deepening my relationship with myself.

I want to share the story of the day Reiki introduced me to God. It was a warm and slightly sunny day in Chicago as I headed to my Reiki session with my Reiki Master Teacher. As I approached her home I wondered if it were possible for Reiki to give me a sign as to if God was real. My teacher asked me if I had any intentions for the session. I told her I was open to whatever the session had to offer me. The first part of the session was pretty standard: I felt very relaxed and was less caught up in my thoughts. Somewhere within the session the room started to grow dark (despite it being a relatively sunny day) and there was a very distinct shift in energy. I started to hear the voice of an older man, as if he were speaking from one of those old-fashioned radios you’d see in the 1920s. The man started out, “On the first day, God created….” and he went on until day 3. Then the room went back to “normal.” My teacher obviously stopped the session to check-in with me and discuss what had just happened. I told her my “tiny” question I had come in with. We both laughed as it seemed I had received an answer. While this session was highly impactful, it was just the beginning. I started to dive deeper into spiritual and metaphysical and Youtube videos, mainly law of attraction and living a life of purpose. One day I came across a video regarding the teachings of Neville Goddard. I heard the first few seconds of the video and recognized the voice as the man whose voice I heard during that impactful Reiki session. I didn’t feel the need to dive deeper into Neville’s work, which, looking back on it, feels kind of odd because I’m such a seeker!

Around 2018 I came across Neville’s work again. I read the book “The Power of Unlimited Imagination.” In a very succinct nutshell, Neville Goddard teaches that Imagination is God. Your own Imagination is God at work within you. Anything we can imagine we can create in our lives. I ended up sharing the book with one of my Reiki students and they imagined having more money available to them when they used their debit card. They ended up creating more high-paying yoga clients. I used Neville’s teachings here and there but I was a big Law of Attraction fan. While there are some similarities with the law of attraction and Neville Goddard’s techniques, I find Neville’s work resonates with me on a soul level and goes further than the Law of Attraction.More on that in a separate post.

Ever since the stay at home order in my state I’ve been diving deeper into Neville’s work and reaping rewards! Along with gaining a deeper knowledge of self and the world, I have manifested a new couch, more clients in my business, random money being gifted to me, a promotion and raise at my part-time job, and more.

Thank you for checking out my journey to Neville. Are you familiar with Neville's work as well? If so, What has been the most impactful Neville wisdom in your life? Thanks so much for checking out my short Neville story.

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