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Neville Goddard and the Law of Assumption

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

I love the ways in which things come full circle for me. Before my journey with Reiki, I identified as an atheist. In my early journey with Reiki, I discovered God is real, at least for me anyway. As I spent more time on my spiritual journey, I discovered that I am God. God is me. I believe God is inside each person, animal, and plant. We are all representatives of God.

The day I discovered the presence of God, I unknowingly discovered Neville Goddard. A few years ago I went into a Reiki session wondering if God is real. At one point during the session I heard the voice of a man who said, “On the first day God created…..” and it sounded as if the voice was coming from an old-fashioned radio. Turns out this was the voice of Neville Goddard but at the time I didn’t know it was Neville Goddard. During that session I received my answer. Some time later I “randomly” came across his works on Youtube once and didn’t give it much thought afterward. I was more involved in the teachings of the Law of Attraction at the time. I definitely had some success with the law of attraction yet as I’ve been diving into Neville’s work during quarantine/safer at home, I’ve looked over my previous manifestations and see that I actually used imagination and the law of assumption to create my most enduring manifestations. Neville Goddard is considered by many metaphysical teachers as the father of imagination. Of course Neville didn’t invent imagination but he gave hundreds of lectures on the power of imagination to create an ideal life.

One of my first posts on this blog was about attracting my apartment. Looking back, I sort of see it as me creating the reality where I have this apartment. Some folks may not recognize the difference so I’d like to break it down. Law of Attraction teaches that you are attracting things to yourself; sort of seeing yourself like a magnet. You’re taught that your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions attract things to you. You’re also taught that you need to maintain a high vibration/good mood to manifest your desires. With the teachings of Neville Goddard, the Law of Assumption, you create what you believe to be true. “Good” or “bad” we are creating all the time. You can believe that x [jobs, friends, romantic partners you prefer, money, peace, etc] is hard to come by. You can believe that everything is always working out for you. You can believe life looks a certain way for you or for certain people. Whatever you believe to be true, you will see evidence for your beliefs.

You attract what you believe to be true. -Neville Goddard

If you desire to experience something different than your current circumstance, know that change is possible!

Neville Goddard teaches that our desires are purposeful. We all have different and unique desires. You were given that unique desire because God experiencing itself through you felt you were the one to bring it to life. Neville goes further and states “desire” does not mean to hunger for something but desire means to have. I love this quote from Neville’s lecture, Seedtime and Harvest, “By the time we ‘receive’ a desire, it already exists in its fulfilled form.” Isn’t that wonderful? Please do yourself a favor and no longer brush off your dreams by calling them unrealistic or impractical. The most impractical thing you can do is play the “safe” route. You were born to have a fulfilling life experience.

Along with teaching that Imagination is God/ Imagination is our God power at work, Neville teaches that the Bible is an autobiography of the human experience. I’ll admit that I haven’t delved in deeply into this aspect of Neville’s work but the little that I’ve read and listened to, I prefer this interpretation of the bible. Neville states that we come into the world as God keyed low. Another way of saying it is that we come into the world with little recognition of our Divine power. We are all God yet some of us are more aware of this fact. As I looked over my experiences with Reiki, this made sense to me. Before I discovered Reiki I had no awareness of my Divine nature/ my God nature. As my vibration started to rise with each Reiki session, my awareness of my Divine nature grew. This is why I teach my Reiki students that with a Reiki attunement comes a greater awareness and responsibility for one’s life. For example, one's words carry an extra charge after a Reiki attunement. With that in mind, it’s important that the words we speak are the ones we feel comfortable creating our life and creating our world. If you knew all your words carried the Power of God behind them, would you describe your life or anyone else in a negative way? Now, by no means am I saying I’ve stopped saying negative things about other people or had unconscious conversations about myself but I am definitely more conscious. In the moments where I am negative, I often quickly catch myself and reverse course. Bringing it back to manifestation, Neville Goddard and thus the law of assumption teach that we create what we believe to be true. People use their imagination for “good” and “bad” all the time. Worry is an unproductive use of one’s imagination; you’re literally conjuring up scenarios that you don’t really want to happen. By giving those thoughts your attention, you increase the chances of your worries coming true. The opposite can happen as well. You can imagine landing the job you want or living in your dream home. A key element to manifesting with the teachings of Neville Goddard is to FEEL and BELIEVE in your desires. FEEL that you already have what it is you want and BELIEVE that this desire has no choice but to present itself to you in physical reality.

The ways in which you reach the state of FEELING your desires to be true varies from individual to individual. I love working with folks 1:1 to talk about their desires and how they can create their desired reality. It’s my pleasure to assist you with improving your manifestation skills. If you’re interested in working with me, book a session.

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